Islamic Courses Onsite & Online

Whitethread is here to support you on your journey to learn the sacred Islamic sciences from online courses for beginners to post – graduate studies.

Ifta' Specialisation Program

Post-graduate course focussed on developing the ability of ‘alimiyya graduates to proficiently research and formulate legal responses (fatwa) to both complex and everyday issues (nawazil).

Crisis In Faith

This course helps the student to understand the rationale behind controversial, taboo and difficult questions concerning Islam and builds confidence to engage in active discussion through step-by-step analysis using sound logic and critical intellect

Islamic Essentials Certificate Program

Learn the deeper meanings of the Qur’an and Sunnah with our comprehensive & self-paced curriculum, taught by qualified scholars.

Advanced Courses

Advanced postgraduate courses for ‘alimiyya graduates and students

Rayyan Courses

Basic to Intermediate Online Islamic courses

Menses Matters

Educating women on menstruation and post-natal bleeding

Fatwa Centre

Answering ethical, juridical, and spiritual questions

Why Study at Whitethread Institute?

> Great studying environment

> Interactive discussions between students and teachers

> High-level discussions where teachers are open to questions and do not shy away from sensitive or controversial issues

> Comfortable studying environment

> In-depth coverage of topics

> Deep understanding of the nuances of fiqh

> Experienced and knowledgeable teachers

> Students guided throughout their studies

> All lessons taught in a practical manner relevant to current times

The Jurisprudence and Tafsir courses have helped me with my confidence in answering people’s questions and knowing where to navigate for legal rulings and the vast range of Tafaasir books. The Sibawayh course has helped polish my Arabic, and in return led to a greater feeling of spiritual upliftment.

Sayidah Hussain

Student, UK

The teachers are super helpful and go above and beyond to support us. Overall my experience has allowed me to really excel in understanding the Arabic language with confidence.​

Student, UK

The teachers are very supportive, extremely patient and very open to any questions or challenges. The classes are very interactive, never boring.


The courses are taught by instructors who are very knowledgeable in their scope of work and have great experience behind them. I wholeheartedly recommend the Whitethread experience to all those seeking out spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.
Ruqaiyah Akhtar

Student, UK

About Whitethread

Whitethread aims to better equip the Muslim community to tackle contemporary challenges. Whether it’s delivering online courses, provided training & resources or addressing ‘taboo’ subjects, we are here to serve the needs of the community.


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