Fund Our Fatwa Centre and Resident Muftis

We at Whitethread Institute have created a campaign to fund the creation of our new Fatwa Centre (Dār al-Iftā’). The aim of the Fatwa Centre will be to meet the growing ethical, religious and spiritual needs of the Muslim community around the UK and other countries. At the helm of our centre will be selected graduates from our ‘Ifta’ Specialisation Program’ (takhaṣṣuṣ fī ’l-iftā’ wa ’l-fiqh). The details of this important project are provided below in a “Who, What, Why” format. Enjoy!


Dr Mufti Abdur-Rahman Mangera established Whitethread Institute with the aim of filling a void in the British Muslim community, to provide postgraduate courses for ‘alim graduates who have completed the ‘alimiyya syllabus. Due to Allah’s infinite grace, we have been able to far exceed our initial goals by attracting an international student body. Over 400 students have studied at Whitethread Institute on-site and online, with some online students hailing from countries such as America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, Kenya and Venezuela, to name but a few.


This campaign is for securing necessary funding for the resident jurist scholars of our proposed Fatwa Centre. The principal aim of the Fatwa Centre, or what is traditionally known as the Dār al-Iftā, will be to answer the ethical, juridical and spiritual questions of the Muslim community. Fatwa Centres are prominent in Muslim countries all over the world, whereby the public submit questions or visit the resident muftis to ask about questions affecting their lives. At our centre, we aim to make the resident jurist scholars available by phone, email and in-person. The public locally and around the world should eventually be able to use any of these mediums to reach the scholars at the Fatwa Centre for their queries. On completion of our flagship ‘Ifta’ Specialisation Program’ in the coming months, some of the graduates will be selected to serve as resident scholars of this new centre. All successful graduates would have completed over 1000 fatwas over the course of two years, gaining expertise and experience in a number of fields of jurisprudence. The most exceptional candidates of this cohort will be selected for the centre. The funding we seek aims to offer our resident jurist scholars with an annual stipend so that they can dedicate themselves in providing this service with complete diligence. The resident scholars will also be involved in the training of the subsequent cohort of Iftā’ students.


Whitethread Institute
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United Kingdom


For well over a decade, an inundated amount of questions have been received from Muslims around the world (through seeking answers to their religious questions. Unfortunately, due to the intense commitment to teaching at the institute, we have been unable to field as many questions over the last two years. For instance, over the past year we have opened the option to ask questions through just three times for short periods, and each time we received multiple questions in a matter of days. There is an absolutely crucial need for this service. This service is one that requires diligence, time, effort and financial security so that our resident jurist scholars can immerse themselves in their work.


Insha Allah, we aim to secure the funding and appoint the resident scholars by mid-September 2019.


The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of its doer (Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim).

Donators towards this noble cause should be aware of the glad-tidings and reward awaiting them in the afterlife of their efforts, as this will serve as a continuous charity (sadaqa jariya) on their behalf.

Really, all we need is for eight individuals to donate £5,000 each and we can have this up and running. This investment will, God willing, permanently secure for you perpetual charity as forerunners of this act of goodness. Of course, any amount you donate will include you in this auspicious task and also help bring us closer to our goal.